Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I'm currently taking my third graduate class towards my masters (what a nightmare) and I recently finished a powerpoint project about hyperlexia and reading comprehension strategies.

This year I have two students who show signs of hyperlexia. Basically, they can read anything they come across, but they really struggle with reading comprehension. I was having a lot of difficulty figuring out what I could do to improve their reading comprehension. Then I mentioned it to my grad professor and she explained hyperlexia to me. I decided to do my class project on hyperlexia so that I could try to find some strategies.

I want to share my powerpoint in case anyone else has similar problems! Hopefully it can give you some ideas!

I also created this file folder activity to help my students with hyperlexia as well as the rest of my class with reading comprehension strategies. They love using it and it really is helping them a lot!

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